What Pedagogics does

Pedagogics simplifies the use of an automated suite that can manage your educational organization easily on the go .

Managing an education sector is more challenging than it seems to be, Pedagogics helps you manage your resources systematically using a web based online/offline erp system built on the latest technology by eliminating paperworks and calculation thus saving you loads of time and effort .

  • Pedagogics connects with each and every fuctions of your school and systematically translates it into a network of its own.
  • Pedagogics promises to brings down the daily cost and time you invest to smoothly run your education sector.
  • Pedagogics ensures consistency and eliminates human and other errors thus giving you a clear edge over your compititors, if any.
  • Pedagogics give you peace of mind as you comply with stringent and rather complex requirements of school regulatory authorities which can change from time to time.
  • Pedagogics can turn your institute into a truely admirable futuristic edecational organization and provide you with 10on10 client satisfaction ratio.

With the huge growth in education sector it is becoming harder day by day to keep track of your records. Literacy level is rising and the need of proper schools is growing day by day. Pedagogics promises to reduce your pain and provide you with ample time to invest on the growth and betterment of your education organization and provide your pupil with a sound assurance of quality service on your part. With huge scope of customization and platform/device independancy Pedagogics is surely the ultimate school management software you need.

Take the experience of the simplest yet powerfull education ERP , book an appointment with us and our respresentative will be delivering you an complete experience of using Pedagogics

Manage student & staff

Manage your students and staff records easily and effectively

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Manage academics

Manage attendance, exam, routine extracurricular activites and everything in between that need your attention to fuction smoothly

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Manage financial details

manage student fees, staff payroll, daily expenses ,balance sheets etc with accuracy and consistancy

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