Pedagogics offers much more to choose from and add to the original software, its like extending your software suite like you want
Library manager v1
Managing a school library on pen and paper is a hectic and old process, pedagogics presentslibrary manager plugin to add on with your school management software and control all your library transactiion with just one software suite. The state of art framework and user friendly UI helps Mr Librarian with the daily transaction and book keeping. Ask for more info.
Hostel manager v1
A complete package to add on with your pedagogics suite enables you to manage one or multile hostels easily. A feature rich addon with multiple login facility for admin,principle & warden and cover the entire process of room / bed allocation , fees collection , discipline etc. Ask for more info.
Transport manager v1
Manage your institutions transport fleet with every single students details ,fleet routes , driver details , every day commution details and more advanced features like everyday student attendance and fleet tracking. Ask for more info.
Daily expenditure manager v1
Keeping track of day to day expenditure of an institution can hamper the overall balance sheet daily expenditure manager helps school authority to track their daily expenses and have a detailed report monthly & yearly.Ask for more info.