Pedagogics is an easy to use School Management System by NOSYWORLD

Presenting the latest and most sophisticated Education management system out there

  • It's user friendly
  • It's incredibly Fast
  • It's cross device compatible
  • It has many addons

Pedagogics is amazingly easy

Its a prejudice that using a ERP software is a tough nut to crack, well we have taken care of that. Pedagogics is designed for simplicity and aims at breaking the long established prejudice. The first fully responsive education management system runs on any device and gives the same user experience everywhere.

Pedagogics is for everyone

Now it doent really matter what size of education organization you want to manage. A small pre school to a large education society even your coaching class Pedagogics is for everyone. Available in four different versions Pedagogics has been effectively priced keeping every kind of education organization in mind

Heres The latest catch

Pedagogics version Pro1.1 introduces the concept of connected schools

I want to know more

If you think this isn't enough to say "GOODBYE" to your old system

Heres a bunch of more reason to make you think again

Pedagogics can be used online/offline depending upon user needs. It uses a 3 tier architecture on latest technology and is completely secured for data and transactions

Pedagogics is a platform and device independent system. the same system would function equally on any platform like windows, linux, ios, android etc and on any device like desktop, laptop and even smartphones

Pedagogics is completely customizable. Pedagogics has dozens of addons to add and customize the package, also being created on an open source framework it can be even further customized as per your unique needs.